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folding door, wallpaper, furniture, curtain accessories and other related home decorative products in Thailand
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Beautiful home with Curtains, Kacee.
Blackout fabric
Blackout fabric
     If you are looking for a move private setting in your homes, then Blackout fabric from Kacee is perfect for you. It is made from the finest polyester and is covered with sunlight protectants. It blocks out the sunlight of up to 99%. More Detail...
Sheer fabric
Sheer fabric
     Furnish your room with a fresh lively feeling and you will be able to see through a beautiful view outside using Sheer Fabric. Sheer fabric also gives your home a more private feeling to it. Some of the sheer designs include Pleated, Pierced, Roman Shade, and many others. More Detail...
Cotton Fabric
Cotton Fabric
     Curtains made ​​of fine cotton. The soft touch printing a pattern onto the fabric beautiful and classic designs to vivid cartoon graphics or designs that are stylish comfort and vitality. More Detail...
Silk Polyester Fabric
Silk Polyester Fabric
     Kacee's poly silk fabric is available in many patterns such as glittery, colorful, and matchless embroidery. More Detail...
Hospital Curtain
Hospital Curtain
     enhance the worry and very important your person with hospital curtain , have design come to for help in the ventilation , by very have a hole stays the top , and with the special properties of the rules and regulations at don't spread the fire , Available in 7 colors, which are beige, green, blue, pink and orange as well as the new one of light beige and dark blue. More Detail...
Sofa Fabric
Sofa Fabric
     The sofa fabric is made from quality fabrics mixing between polyester, leather, and rayon. Kacee's upholstery is made with world renowned machines ensuring the quality and beauty of the products. The possibilities are endless when using Kacee's sofa fabric. More Detail...

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